Minderoo’s Indiana redesign process … what’s next?

Kerry Hill Architects and Durbach Block Jaggers Architects have provided updated concepts for the Indiana redesign competition! Again, Minderoo Group would like to invite you to provide your feedback on the designs and the future of the site.

The jury will consider the new information the two finalists have provided before making a final decision. Refitting the existing building remains an option.

To have your say, please fill in the feedback form below.

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The Three Site Options

Two Islands

Beach-related hospitality embedded into landscaped terraces with two distinctive pavilions at street level.


LEAD Architect

Durbach Block Jaggers Architects


Durbach Block Jaggers Architects with OHLO Studio and ASPECT Studios (NSW + WA)

Concept includes

  • Beach terrace with bar, casual and alfresco dining and public change rooms
  • Mid-level garden terrace linking to existing grassed terraces, with dining hall containing a bar, a lounge, and a range of dining options
  • Street plaza with curved and tiled canopy over, meeting places for pop up events, a gelateria kiosk
  • Top level with fine dining and function space
  • Pool located at end of groyne

A form shaped by ocean forces

Kerry Hill’s concept features a curved structure hovering over a series of publicly accessible landscaped terraces.


LEAD Architect

Kerry Hill Architects

Competitor team

Kerry Hill Architects with Aspect Studios (WA) and Dangar Barin Smith

Concept includes

  • Beach promenade with lap pool, children’s pool, change rooms, gym and day spa
  • Terrace or mid-level promenade with beach kiosk, covered alfresco terrace and public change rooms
  • Street level promenade with family dining and bar
  • Top level with fine dining and function space

A refit of the existing building

The Indiana building could be refitted, while retaining the existing facade. The additional amenity offered by a refit would be limited.

cottesloe beach


  • Restaurant
  • Changing rooms
  • A boatshed facility

HAve Your Say

Give your feedback on the proposals for the Indiana site.

Design brief

The jury will consider:

  • Benefit to the community through the provision of a variety of spaces, services and public facilities
  • Design excellence, including the integration of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design
  • Accessibility, including the ease of movement at the site and the provision of safe and accessible service areas for a range of visitor experiences
  • Collaboration, including facilitating the needs of the Surf Life Saving Club’s patrol operations and upgrading the public change rooms and toilets
  • How well each design concepts aligns with the first round of community ideas, and how the public responded to the five concepts

The process

In March 2019 Minderoo invited members of the public to share their ideas for the Indiana site and Cottesloe foreshore.

Initial suggestions from the community included a beachside pool, an arts and cultural hub and a greater variety of food and beverage offerings to cater to all tastes and budgets. The community emphasised the need for further activation of the site, but also the importance of retaining Cottesloe Beach’s existing culture.

11 invited Australian architecture firms reflected on this feedback and developed design concepts for the site. The competition jury, chaired by esteemed WA architect Geoffrey London, selected four finalists. These four designs were then published online for community feedback.

This feedback was collected, and the jury deliberated on the four designs.

“Two islands” and “A form shaped by ocean forces” were judged as the strongest of the proposed new designs by the jury.

The two finalists have now provided additional material to support their proposals.

The jury will consider the new information before a final decision is made. Keeping the existing building is still an option Minderoo Group will consider.

Minderoo Group is again seeking public feedback on the proposed designs.

Minderoo will be running a series of community consultation sessions across Perth to gather further feedback on the designs.

This next round of feedback will then be collected and considered. Minderoo Group and the jury hope to announce the competition winner in October. Once a winner is decided, Minderoo Group will then begin work on the planning process with the Town of Cottesloe. This will involve further community consultation.   

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